Various devices from a sex shop can not only diversify your sex life, but also help to reveal your sexuality.

The list of sexual aids is very diverse. From various models of vibrators, penis rings, vaginal balls, scented massage oils, inflatable plastic dolls, various masturbation devices to seductive and very sexy lingerie.

Let's take a closer look at some of the most common sex toys.

Vibrators and dildos

Did you know that sexual aids have been around for a very long time? The ancient Egyptians used an artificial penis as early as 2500 years ago. The idea of the vibrator is attributed to millers who sat on the vibrating handles of flour milling machines. Nowadays, however, vibrators and dildos are much more perfect than ancient prototypes.

The vibrator is the modern version of the artificial penis, the most popular sex toy. With all the variety of aids, most couples use vibrators. According to statistics, in some countries of Western Europe, a vibrator is used by almost a third of married couples. There are both simple vibrators and multi-speed vibrators, as well as thin anal vibrators and double ones, designed for both the vagina and the anus.

Vibrators can work both from a network, and on batteries. Before choosing the optimal vibration speed, experiment. Hint: The optimum vibration speed is considered to be 80 revolutions per second. In addition, you can use vibrators with different nozzles.

Vibrators can be recommended for women who do not experience orgasm during intercourse with a partner. Vibrators are good to use in love games and with mutual masturbation. For men, special vibrators are also produced that are worn on the penis. In women, the strongest sensations occur when stimulating the clitoris with a vibrator, and in men, the frenulum of the penis. In both men and women, the area around the anus is very sensitive, and many men get great pleasure from intraanal stimulation of the prostate.

Rings and balls

Rings are used to wrap around the penis at the base. They retain the blood that has flowed during an erection, and when using the ring, a small and weakly erect penis in most cases increases in size and becomes elastic.

Balls are an ancient Japanese invention. Women introduced them into the vagina, and then, swaying, experienced erotic sensations. Balls strengthen the annular muscles of the vagina and increase the sensitivity of the vagina. So they allow you to combine business with pleasure.

Another toy is beads, which are a thread on which 5-6 balls are strung, having different sizes and densities. The beads are inserted into the anus, and then removed from it (quickly or slowly, as you like). It is believed that the most pleasant sensations occur if the beads are pulled out of the anus at the time of orgasm. It must be added that during anal sex, lubricant is not released, therefore, it is necessary to purchase lubricants - low-fat creams, some with the addition of aromatic and warming substances, create pleasant erotic sensations. They can also be used when there is a lack of vaginal lubrication.

Dolls and vaginas

For men who want to have sex without a partner, there are inflatable plastic dolls and rubber vaginas, as well as realistic molds of various positions and sizes. The choice is great: there are dolls that can massage and stimulate the penis, there are devices with vibration motors or pneumatic devices. The vagina is made of soft materials and touching it is very similar to touching a natural organ.

The most versatile and therefore expensive are latex dolls. In such dolls, many parameters (speed, amplitude and effort) can be adjusted. Inflatable male dolls have been released for women. Like female dolls, inflatable boys also have all the necessary holes.

Using various sexual tricks, it is desirable to dress up in something very seductive. After all, erotic lingerie allows you to fully plunge into your game and dream up. There are women who only underwear can bring to a strong excitement. Various corsets and belts can also hide figure flaws. So worth a try.